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My novel Cursed illustrates what being a teen with chronic pain was like for me, especially in the beginning. I hope the book helps people with similar experiences feel seen and helps people who haven't experienced chronic pain to understand what it's like.


At 21, I began identifying as disabled. That’s my preferred term but preferences vary among people in my community. I’m a firm believer in folks being able to chose their own terms and identify as they see fit.


I invite visitors to my site to educate themselves about disability, living with chronic pain, and about arthritis specifically.


Below are some links I’ve found particularly helpful:

Christine Miserandino / The Spoon Theory

Stella Young, “I Am Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much,” TED Talk (April 2014)

Hypoalgesic effect of swearing

Arthritis Foundation

Juvenile Arthritis

Cheryl Crow's Arthritis Life Podcast

Here's Why Kindness Toward Disabled People is More Complicated Than You Think

Finding Alternatives to Ableist Language

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