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The Cursed book drive was a SMASHING success!

Thanks SO much to all who participated,

especially my partners,

Children's Book World and CoachArt.

Getting the word out about the book drive

took a lot of time - but was a lot of fun, too!

Check out the images and videos from
the social media campaign below.

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Release date banner.png

Book Drive Details:


How it works:

Participants purchase copies of the Cursed paperback online via Children's Book World. Donated books will be distributed via CoachArt, a local organization that works with teens with chronic illnesses and disabilities.


The book drive runs throughout July 2021. (Pre-orders through 7/19; regular orders 7/20 – 7/31.)


Plus - there's a giveaway!

One random book drive

participant will win a copy of

Cursed (choice of hardback

or paperback) and a selection of Cursed swag, including a limited edition Cursed mug!

I'm in! Where do I start?

Click HERE to order the 

Cursed paperback from 

Children’s Book World.

Select the “store pick up”

option and put “donation

to CoachArt” in the order


Why do a Book Drive?

Great question! I was diagnosed with arthritis at 13 and didn't meet another young person with arthritis until I was 21. I didn't know of any books featuring kids like me, and I often felt devastatingly alone. Having access to a book like Cursed back then likely would have made a huge difference for me. Helping kids feel less alone and more heard is a big part of why I wrote this book! Celebrating the release of the paperback by getting free copies to kids who might really benefit from seeing themselves reflected in the pages of a book felt like a great way to wrap up my incredible journey with Cursed.

CoachArt sounds kinda cool!


They totally are!     

Their mission is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. They offer free art and athletic lessons to chronically ill kids and their siblings, ages of 5-18. Click HERE to find out more about their programs.

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page. And check back here for updates on how the Book Drive is going.

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Check out my interview 
on Lee Wind's award-winning
blog, all about the book drive!


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